Noesis academy

We have teamed up with Vincent "Zescht" Talmon-Gros to bring you a series of videos to help you become more familiar with Noesis. In the first five tutorials Zescht will give you a tour of all the things Noesis has to offer.


Overview tutorial


In the first installment of the Noesis tutorials you'll learn how to select rounds from multiple demos and filtered by economy.

2D Replay tutorial

2D Replay

In this tutorial you'll learn about our online demo viewer, the 2D Replay tool.

Positions tutorial


This tutorial teaches you how to use the Positions tool to find movement patterns and identify your opponent's strategies.

Grenades tutorial


Learn how to analyze utility usage of your own team and of your opponent using the Grenades tool.

Kills tutorial


In the final installment we walk you through the Kills tool that helps you find your weak spots on the map.