How to invite teammates

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In this tutorial you will learn how to invite your teammates to your Noesis account. With a Noesis team subscription you can invite up to 5 teammates to your account.

All users created using an invite will access the same pool of demos.

In other words, a demo uploaded by one teammate can be accessed by all teammates.

You must have an active Noesis Team subscription to be able to invite teammates to your account.

# How to create an invite

  1. Navigate to your profile Navigate to your profile
  2. Navigate to user management Navigate to user management
  3. Create an invite link
  4. Copy the invite link and send it to your teammate Create an invite

Your job is now done!

All that remains is for your teammate to use the link and finish the sign up flow.

The user who created the Noesis account in the first place is the admin. Only she can invite others, update payment info, and cancel the subscription.

# How do I delete a user?

The admin of the account can delete other members in ther user management panel by clicking the trashcan next to the user. Deleting a user will reclaim an invite so you can invite a new teammate.

# Can I invite more than 5 people?

The short answer is no, not online ... yet.

In the future we will allow you to add more users to your account directly in the app for a small price bump in the monthly price.

In the meantime we can help you out manually if you contact us at

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