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Downloading and uploading demos sucks. It takes time. Time you could've spent doing important stuff.

With shareable Noesis URLs you can now gain access to demos in Noesis without ever having to download nor upload the demo.

# How to create a Noesis URL

Navigate to the Upload tab and in the demo list you will see a link icon right next to every demo (see image). Simply click that icon. That will copy the Noesis URL of that demo to your clipboard.

Copying a Noesis URL

Now all you have to do is paste the link and send it to your friend, colleague, or nemesis.

Sharing a demo will not share any notes, stars, or anything else you have on your account

# How to use a Noesis URL

When you receive a Noesis URL, just click on it. If you have a Noesis account and are logged in, that should be it! You now have access to the demo as if you had uploaded it yourself.

If you already have Noesis open in a tab, you can also paste the URL directly into the input in the Noesis URL tab (see image below).

Pasting a Noesis URL

# How does it work?

Back in March 2020 we added an improvement to the upload process that would hash the demo file before uploading it. If we already had the demo in our database, you would simply get access to the analyzed demo without uploading anything.

It is the same idea we have used with the shareable URLs. We use the hash as sort of "proof" that you have ownership of the demo file. Sending a Noesis URL is therefore like sending the actual demo - you give that person ownership of the demo file.

When sharing a Noesis URL you effectively send the demo file to the recipient. Therefore, keep in mind that that person can freely share the demo with everyone else; you no longer have sole ownership of the demo file

We really hope you find this new feature useful. If you have any feedback, please join our discord and let us know!

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