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Taking notes is a tool most of you are familiar with when reviewing demos. Now it is an integrated part of Noesis. In this guide you will learn to use the notes feature in Noesis.

We hope this will help in your preperations and improve the process of reviewing demos with your team.

You must have an active Noesis Team subscription to be able to take notes.

# Take notes in demo viewer

You can add notes to any round in the 2D demo viewer. Notes are shared with all members of your team.

When a note is added to a round, an icon is added in the demo overview to the demo as well as the specific round (when the demo is expanded).

Inside the demo viewer notes are also added to the timeline and an icon can be seen next to the round number.

# Jump to ticks and other rounds

A note will be timestamped with the current time in the round. So just pause the round when you have something to jot down. You can now always click on the note to return to that moment in the round.

A note in Noesis

Another small feature you can use to speed up reviewing notes for your players is linking to other rounds. This can be seen in the image above. By writing 'round X' where X is the number of another round in the demo, you are able to create a link to that round.

Links to other rounds only work when those rounds have been selected in the overview.

We really hope you find this new feature useful. If you have any feedback, please join our discord and let us know!

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