Changelog March 2021

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This post keeps you up to date with all changes to Noesis in March 2021. The post will be updated when new features and fixes are released.

# Select bomb plants and defuses (2021-03-27)

  • Added new stats section when expanding a demo in Overview
    • Added pie charts with bomb plant and defuse stats. Click to select rounds where a team defused or planted the bomb (and on which bomb site)
    • Added CT and T win percentages
    • Added buttons to select winning or losing rounds
    • List of rounds are now initially hidden
  • Added search functionality to the dropdowns in Overview

# Noesis URL (2021-03-13)

  • Added shareable Noesis URLs
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where autoplay in 2D replay sometimes would skip multiple rounds

# Feedback improvements (2021-03-06)

Most of these changes are based on feedback we have received from you. Thank you so much ❤️

  • Added buttons to go to previous/next round in 2D Replay (+ hotkeys)
  • Added confirmation alert when deleting multiple demos
  • Added link to our FAQ when the parsing of a demo fails
  • Changed the profile logo to a settings cog to better represent its functionality
  • Hovering over a player's name in 2D Replay will show the full name
  • (Fix) Fixed styling of the flyout menu on smaller screens
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