FACEIT integration

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With today's release you can connect your FACEIT account with your Noesis account. That enables you to import your demos directly from FACEIT without the need for downloading and uploading the demos manually.

You will find the new option to import demos from FACEIT under the upload view.

Instead of only having the option to upload demo files you will now find a new tab where you will see a list of your latest matches. Simply click on a match to import the demo to Noesis.

Match list from FACEIT

Noesis will download the demo directly from FACEIT and analyze it. You will not waste any broadband in the process!

# FACEIT and team licenses

If you have invited your teammates to your Noesis account every member can individually connect a FACEIT account with their Noesis user.

# We need your help

We are excited about this feature as it makes it even faster to analyze CS:GO demos with Noesis!

We hope you will make good use of this new feature.

Nothing is perfect the first time around so we rely on you to help us out and give feedback about the FACEIT integration. Join our discord or write to us on feedback@noesis.gg

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