Changelog August

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This post keeps you up to date with all changes to Noesis in August. The post will be updated when new features and fixes are released.

# Major parser update (2019-08-22)

  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where some rounds were missing in a demo
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where side switch would happen at the start of round 15 instead of round 16 in ESL and ESEA demos
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the team names would be shown as "Counter-Terrorists" and "Terrorists"
  • (Fix) Fixed an ESL bug where the 15th round was a warmup round and the actual 15th round was missing
  • (Fix) Fixed multiple issues where the team names got swapped
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where we would show several 0-0 dummy rounds in the beginning of a match
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue with demos from 99damage where it only showed the first warmup round
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where a round would be broken because of a missing freeze time
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue with ESL and ESEA demos where the final score was shown incorrectly

# Bug-fix of Select T/CT functionality (2019-08-21)

  • (Fix) Using select T/CT rounds no longer selects all T/CT rounds when an economy filter is applied. Special thanks to Rejin ❤️

# Noesis Solo (2019-08-20)

# Select T or CT rounds (2019-08-07)

  • Added buttons to select T/CT rounds for a given team
  • Added legend in 2D Replay describing hotkeys, grenade colors, and player states

# Vertigo ... again (2019-08-01)

  • Updated de_vertigo map after 7/31/2019 CS:GO release
  • Clicking a demo in the Overview now expands the demo
  • Capped freeze time shown in 2D replay to 5 seconds
  • Minor text changes to Upload page
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