Announcing Noesis Solo

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We are happy to announce Noesis Solo - a plan for the lone wolves out there!

Are you a CS:GO analyst, expert, or simply an ambitious player without a team? Then Noesis Solo is the plan for you!

For only €9.99 per month you get access to all the Noesis tools for analyzing your CS:GO demos.

# Pricing and features

Noesis Solo is priced at €9.99 per month. Paid yearly you get 2 months for free reducing the price to €8.33 per month.

To kick off Noesis Solo we are further slicing the price in half on your first payment if you subscribe before September 30th.

That means you can buy a years access for only €49.99 - equivalent to just over €4 per month!

A Noesis Solo account gives you access to all of the Noesis features released so far, allowing a single user to store up to 20 demos. Once you've found a more permanent roster, you can upgrade to Noesis Team and share data between coach and players!

With the release of Noesis Solo, we have renamed the existing plan to Noesis Team. Noesis Team was and still is intended for serious teams where all players take part in preparation work.

Some features in the future will only be added to Noesis Team.

See all our pricing plans.

Noesis heatmap

Upload & review CS:GO demos!

doneUpload and analyze a demo in less than 1 minute
done2D demo viewer
doneAnalyze utility, movement, and kills
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