Noesis is going open beta!

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Noesis is opening up the beta for the general public within the next month! That also means the end of the closed beta. This post will inform you about everything you need to know about the launch - both if you were part of the closed beta and if you were not.


  • The price is €30 (paid monthly) or €25 (paid yearly) per team/month
  • 14 days free trial - no credit card needed
  • Closed beta users get an extended free trial of 1 month

# When will the open beta start?

Within a months time the signup for the closed beta ends, and noesis moves to open beta. In the open beta, noesis becomes available to everyone! The exact date will be announced in the coming weeks.

Keep yourself updated on our facebook or twitter.

When noesis launches you can sign up directly via our sign up page and try noesis, and still have time to make the defuse.

# Pricing of noesis

The price will be €30 per team/month. A team consists of up to 5 players + 1 coach. There also is an option to pay yearly. Choosing this option, you get two months for free, effectively reducing the price to €25 per team/month.

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, or American Express from all over the world.

Everyone gets a 14 days trial free of charge - no credit card needed! We think you should have a chance to try it out before you decide whether or not to subscribe.

The subscription will give access to all the tools you have been familiar with during the closed beta: 2D replay, positions, grenades, strategy board, and kills. You can watch videos of most of the features on the frontpage.

In the open beta, you can still upload and analyze an unlimited number of demos. In order to be able to keep noesis at its current price, there is going to be a limit of 100 stored demos per account. When you reach the 100 demo limit, you can delete old ones to make room for the new. In the future, we are going to add options to purchase more storage space, allowing you to store as many demos as you want.

# Closed beta users

If you are part of the closed beta, you will be able to use noesis as you are used to until the launch. We really appreciate the help and love we received from all of you during the closed beta. As a thanks, closed beta users get the first month for free! After that period, you will have to subscribe to continue to use noesis.

If you do not wish to continue, you do not have to do anything. If you want us to delete your data, send an email to

Should you have exceeded the 100 demo limit during the closed beta you will not be able to analyze any new demos until you delete enough demos to go below 100 again.

# Future plans

Noesis is still in open beta. This means that at launch, you unfortunately only get 1 login to your account. Down the road, we will enable every member to log in with their own credentials to access the team's data. In other words, the subscription for 5 players + 1 coach will get 6 logins to the same noesis account.

When we add multiple logins to a noesis account, we also enable you to increase the number of users per license for a bump in the monthly price. That is mostly aimed at people who teach CS:GO and want an account suitable for a whole classroom without having to purchase multiple noesis licenses.

# Thank you!

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the closed beta - everyone who reported a bug, requested a feature, and showed interest in our project. You have made it a joy to develop noesis. We could not have done it without you and hope you will stay on for the journey!

Noesis heatmap

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