Launching CS:GO Strategy Board

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You are now able to plan your CS:GO strategies using the first version of our new interactive strategy board. The board will be available to everyone - also people without a noesis account. And it will be free to use, forever!

# How it works

Check out the video below to see it in action or jump straight to the CS:GO strategy board.

We are releasing the board in two places: (1) Inside the noesis application when you are signed in. (2) Publicly for everyone to use. The free version will have the same features as the one you will find when signed in*. That gives people a chance to try a little piece of what we have to offer before, hopefully, signing up for noesis.

* When signed in, there are some additional possibilites of interaction with the other noesis tools and the strategy board. But the actual tools available in the strategy board will be the same.

# Features

Below you find a list of the features currently implemented in the strategy board:

  • Draw paths, players, grenades, and C4
  • Change colors using the known colors from CS:GO
  • Use the 7 maps from the current map pool
  • Download your strategy as an image
  • (Only for users with a noesis account) Jump straight from a frame in 2D replay to carry over the current state to the strategy board

As with all of our tools, we will continue to improve the strategy board according to your feedback. As always, we rely on your feedback to improve the new strategy board, so feel free to send an email to

We really hope you find the new addition to the noesis toolbox useful!

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