Changelog May

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This post keeps you up to date with all changes to Noesis in May. The post will be updated when new features and fixes are released.

# Toggle grenades (2019-05-30)

  • The checkboxes in the grenades view will now start out unselected and the visualization will show all grenades when none are selected
  • Jumping to a kill in 2D replay from the kills views will now jump to 1 second before the kill happens

# Vertigo update (2019-05-23)

# Multi-delete (2019-05-22)

  • Enable deletion of multiple demos

# The Mediocre Moose positions video (2019-05-16)

  • Added new help video for the positions view, created in collaboration with The Mediocre Moose

# Filter speedup (2019-05-15)

  • Improved speed when filtering by specific opponent
  • Updated connector on de_train

# New search and filter options (2019-05-14)

Read more about the new features in this blog post.

  • Changed multi-select map filter to a single map filter
  • Changed multi-select team filter a primary team and an opponent
  • Added team equipment value for each round in overview
  • Added bomb plants for each round in overview
  • Shows number of rounds in each demo
  • Added equipment value filter for teams
  • Added "Select all rounds" button to select all found rounds
    • You have to have chosen a map and at least one team for this to work
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