Changelog April 2021

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This post keeps you up to date with all changes to Noesis in April 2021. The post will be updated when new features and fixes are released.

# Playbook v2 (2021-04-07)

  • Added folders to organize strategies
  • Added shareable link to share strategies
  • New strategy board tools
    • Added history. You can now undo and redo changes. Standard ctrl+z and ctrl+y hotkeys also work
    • Added rectangle tool
    • Added circle tool
    • Added eraser tool
  • Added confirmation box when creating a new strategy while having unsaved changes
  • Strategies are now sorted by name
  • Added smoothing to lines when drawing in all visualizations
Noesis heatmap

Upload & review CS:GO demos!

doneUpload and analyze a demo in less than 1 minute
done2D demo viewer
doneAnalyze utility, movement, and kills
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